It’s no secret that our bodies need healthy protein to function every day. Beef or “red meat” is packed with nutrients like iron, zinc, protein and B12 vitamins that contribute to well-balanced nutrition. Get to know each cut and what makes them sizzle on your plate.

Get to know each cut


A large primal cut encompassing the upper part of the ribs, shoulder, and neck. Rich in beefy flavour, it’s perfect for roasts, soups, and simmering stews.


A long, rich piece of meat from the breast that is best cooked low and slow for ultimate tenderness. Perfect for smoking in your slow cooker.


A flavourful cross-section of the leg that is best braised for dishes like Osso Buco or simmered in your next soup recipe.


Under the front section of the backbone, ribs are nicely marbled for a tender and flavour-packed bite. Perfect for grilling at your next BBQ party.


Comes from the centre of the steer just below the ribeye, which includes short ribs and flavourful skirt steak. Perfect for grilling and slicing into strips like Carne Asada.


Most tender cut of beef that is deliciously lean. Crafted into a variety of steaks and roasts. Perfect for seasoning and grilling fast on high heat.


A versatile cut found in the cow’s lower chest. Soaks up rubs and marinades like a dream — perfect for grilling fast on high heat.


A large, lean primal cut from the rear leg that can be divided into top and bottom round. Perfect for slow cooking your favourite roast beef recipe.

The Secret of Juicy and Flavorful Steaks: Marbling and Grades

Ever wondered what grading means? It doesn’t have to be confusing! Grading refers to the amount of marbling. Marbling is the white flecks of fat within the muscle fibers, which affects the tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the beef.​

Marbling truly is the magic.  When you cook a steak, those white flecks of fat liquify and melt into the meat providing you with an incredibly juicy and flavourful eating experience.

A5 Wagyu

  • Marbling: A5 is the highest grade of meat and has the most marbling

  • Taste: A smooth, rich and buttery flavour profile

  • Inspiration: Choose A5 if you want to have a unique experience and enjoy a luxurious and rich flavour

Try now: A5 Wagyu

Canada Prime/ USDA Prime

  • Marbling: Abundant to moderate ​

  • Taste: Very tender and juicy, and has a rich beefy flavor​

  • Inspiration: From roasts to steaks, Canada Prime / USDA Prime beef can be found in many different cuts and is often prepared simply to let its rich flavour shine through.

Try now and discover your favourite: Prime

Canada AAA/ USDA Choice

  • Marbling: Moderate to small ​

  • Taste: Slightly leaner than Prime, Canadian AAA / USDA Choice still delivers a rich, beefy taste. ​

  • Inspiration: Thick bone-in porterhouses, traditional striploins, picanha – the variety of AAA options are vast and can be grilled or prepared stove-top – however you like to prepare your steak! ​

Try now and discover your favourite: AAA (Triple A)

Canada AA/ USDA Select

  • Marbling: Slight​

  • Taste: Tender with a leaner texture (milder beef flavour)​

  • Inspiration: These cuts are great grilled or seared on the stove and finished in the oven. Slice it thinly and make the perfect steak sandwich! Match it with your favourite marinade or sauce and it will deliver a great meal full of flavour.

Try now and discover your favourite: AA (Double A)


  • Marbling: Ungraded meat is not sorted by marbling level and it can range from Abundant to Slight marbling. You can have a great eating experience with our selection of products​

  • Taste: There’s a great variety of cuts and level of marbling, so taste experience will depend on what you choose​

  • Inspiration: Ribeye, picanha, chuck steak … there are many cuts to choose from so why not try something new?​

  • Try now and discover your favourite: Ungraded



Canada’s socially responsible beef community plays an integral part in conserving and enhancing our ecosystem’s health. Beef farmers and ranchers oversee 35 million acres of native grassland and manage our natural resources in ways that support animal welfare, people and communities. In fact, Canadian ranchers protect and preserve native grasslands and the habitat for over 60 at-risk species. Raising beef cattle uses 33% of agricultural land in Canada but provides 68% of wildlife capacity, significantly impacting Canada’s sustainability efforts.

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