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Our purpose is to nourish a better life. And that includes a fulfilling work-life balance and the opportunity for ideas and impact at every level. 

We’re looking for passionate foodies, innovative problem solvers, and collaborative relationship builders who want to transform the way Canadians shop and eat protein. Whether it's technology, a chef’s knife, a project plan, or a calculator, if you can expertly wield the tools of your trade - or rapidly learn how - and you have the enthusiasm and energy to do what it takes to be successful, we want to connect with you. 

We’re trusted partners to producers, committed to serving our customers, and in pursuit of the best technology to deliver on our promises. Join us for limitless professional development opportunities as we impact and influence what Canadians eat and how they come together over a home prepped meal.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We have a deep appreciation for diversity, equity, and inclusion, they are more than just words but a mission we strive for every day. Our hiring managers and leaders work closely to ensure the needs of candidates and employees are met, accommodations are made, and that our process is unbiased and transparent.  We welcome the ideas and approaches of everyone; and our sprints and town halls are places where we can never have too many cooks in the kitchen. Join us on our journey to ensure we are representative of our diverse communities of food producers and consumers, creating a workplace that nurtures a sense of belonging for everyone.

Here is a spotlight on four of our leaders to give a sense of who we are.

Radek Mazurkiewicz

I’m focused on building the best team providing everyone with unique opportunities to continue to grow their careers. To do so effectively, I see my role as that of an enabler. I’m here to listen, give people the green light to try out their ideas, and provide the support they need to get things done. Everyone here takes ownership of their work, makes themselves available, and acts with humility. We share a goal of bringing this incredible, global brand into the heart of Canadian homes and a determination to push ourselves to thrive in the ambiguity of startup culture. 

My vision is to create a collaborative group that everyone wants to be part of; and an incubator for ideas that can come to life. The most attractive, challenging, rewarding, and rare aspect of joining Wild Fork right now is the chance to build a brand, from a business plan to one day a national presence with an innovative and impactful team.

Daniel Henderson

At Wild Fork Canada, I manage the end-to-end product development. I engage with my innovative team and dedicated producers in the field, curate unique cuts, build the recipes and packaging and bring it all together from idea to shelf to plate. My team’s goal is to create five-senses experience customers can envision their family enjoying as a high-quality home-cooked, easy-to-prepare meal. 

As a people leader, I was drawn to our values - they are the best set of any business I've worked for. They are embedded in our interview process, decision-making, and goal-setting. These guidelines create an environment that is clear on where the company is going, what's important to us, and what's expected of everyone here. This is just one way Wild Fork fosters a culture that you will love being immersed in.

Raul Sukraj

As the Director eCommerce Operations and Customer Care, my role is to build a group focused completely on serving our customers. Our goal - the one that guides everything we do -  is to meet the high expectations through our omnichannel interactions.  It motivates us daily and ties closely to our goal of elevating how Canadians shop for and eat protein.

Joining Wild Fork is the chance to be a founding member of a brand changing the Canadian grocery landscape, drawing on past experiences and insights to create exceptional experiences for our customers and nurture an outstanding place to work. 

Andaleeb Dobson

At Wild Fork Canada, I am the Head of Supply Chain and Program Delivery, focused on efficiently moving product and guiding innovative people to problem solve. The chance to spearhead and build a department and function while being part of a collective bringing incredible food choices to Canadians was, and continues to be, an exciting challenge. I’m proud of the chance I had to come to Wild Fork Canada and play a role alongside our Head of Product and the Product team to acquire and produce dozens of halal products. 

I am building a team of people who are excited to come together and work towards the win; people who take pride in delighting our customers. Individually we can be good but together, we can achieve great outcomes. As a leader, I think it’s essential to understand that what motivates people at work is driven by what is important to them at home. So, every Monday, we discuss how our families ate together over the weekend or about any celebrations we were a part of - and how shared meals played a part. It’s genuine, and it’s relatable. As providers of food, Wild Fork Canada is asking people to invite them into their homes every day as well as for feasts. As a team, we have made that part of how we connect to each other and the company mission.

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