RECIPE:Oil-poached tuna niçoise salad

  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook time: Less than 30 mins
  • Serves 2



  • Albacore Tuna Steaks

    2 Steaks

    Albacore Tuna Steaks - • $0.00
  • Fine Whole Green Beans

    3/4 Cup

    Fine Whole Green Beans - • $0.00
  • Light olive oil2 cups

  • Garlic cloves, crushed2 cloves

  • Baby new potatoes1 ¼ cup

  • Large, cooked eggs, semi-hard boiled2

  • Cherry tomatoes, washed¾ cup

  • Niçoise or black picholine olives½ cup

  • Butter lettuce, washed¾ cup

  • Coarse sea saltto taste


  • Lemon juice2 tbsp

  • Garlic clove, minced1 clove

  • Sugar½ tsp

  • Shallots, minced2

  • Dijon mustard1 tbsp

  • Extra virgin olive oil1/3 cup

  • Freshly ground black peppercornsto taste

Cooking directions

  1. Boil the potatoes in water and salt until tender. Drain and set aside in a small bowl to cool.

  2. Cook green beans in water and salt for 2-3 minutes. Drain and transfer to a bowl of ice water.

  3. Keeping them in separate bowls, cut the potatoes, the green beans (if using fresh), tomatoes and eggs in half. Set aside.

  4. Remove tuna from package. Pat dry using paper towels. Season with salt and pepper.

  5. Pour olive oil into medium sauce pan over medium-low heat. Bring oil to a low simmer, add garlic and tuna. (Small bubbles will appear when tuna is added). Cook for 3-4 minutes per side. Transfer tuna steaks into a bowl to cool. Once cooled, break into pieces, drizzle some poaching oil over the tuna and set aside.

  6. Prepare the dressing. Place shallots in a bowl. Add lemon juice, garlic, sugar, Dijon mustard and mix. Using a whisk, add olive oil in a stream. Season with salt and pepper.

  7. Divide the lettuce among plates, arrange potatoes, green beans, olives, tuna and tomatoes in small piles on lettuce. Place eggs in the center and drizzle with salad dressing.

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