RECIPE:Jerk Pork Jamaican Ribs

  • Prep Time: More than an hour
  • Cook time: More than an hour

Serves 2



  • Berkshire Bone-In Pork Whole Back Ribs

    3-4 lbs.

    Berkshire Bone-In Pork Whole Back Ribs - • $0.00

Scotch Bonnet Peppers4 peppers

Garlic Cloves6 cloves

Vegetable Oil2 tablespoons

Brown Sugar½ cup

Allspice2 tablespoons

Ground Thyme1 tablespoon

Nutmeg1 teaspoon

Ground Cinnamon1 teaspoon

Red Pepper Flakes1 teaspoon

Sea Salt2 teaspoons

Black pepper, freshly ground1 teaspoon

Cooking directions

  1. Using gloves, cut the tops off the Scotch bonnet peppers and put in a food processor. Do not handle without gloves. Place all other ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Scrape inside of processor to get all of the rub mix and pour into a small bowl.

  2. Clean the ribs up by removing the back membrane then with gloves, rub jerk sauce all over ribs. Wrap the ribs back up in the butcher's paper, and seal with aluminum foil or in a re-sealable plastic bag. Place in the refrigerator for 8 hours or up to 24 hours.

For the Grill

  1. For low and slow cooking, set up the grill and preheat to 225°F. Add smoker chips per manufacturer's instructions if desired.

  2. When the wood begins to smoke, unwrap the ribs and place, bone side down, meaty side up, on a sheet of aluminum foil. Put the ribs and aluminum foil directly on the grill. Cover the grill and cook the ribs 4 to 5 hours. At this point they should be tender enough to pull apart with your fingers.

  3. Remove from the grill and let the ribs rest 10 minutes, then cut the ribs.

For the Oven

  1. Preheat the oven to 325°F.

  2. Place the ribs, bone side down, on top of a wire rack set in an aluminum foil lined baking tray and roast for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Halfway through, cover ribs with aluminum foil to protect them from drying out. At this point they should be tender enough to pull apart with your fingers. Allow to rest 5-10 minutes prior to cutting.

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