RECIPE:Chef’s Beef Back Ribs

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook time: More than an hour

Serves 2



  • Canadian AAA Bone-In Beef Back Ribs

    1 rack

    Canadian AAA Bone-In Beef Back Ribs - • $0.00

Brown Sugar1 tablespoon

Cocoa Powder1 tablespoon

Ancho Chili Powder1 tablespoon

Black Pepper, freshly ground2 teaspoons

Coarse Kosher Salt1 teaspoon

Cooking directions

  1. Combine the rub ingredients in a small bowl and set aside while you prepare the ribs.

  2. Remove the membrane from the back of the ribs.  

  3. Prepare a smoker for indirect cooking. Adjust the smoker or grill vents to bring the temperature to about 225°F and add 2 to 3 chunks of your favorite smoking wood to the charcoal for flavor.

  4. Once the smoker is ready, season the ribs on both sides with the dry rub mixture. 

  5. Place the rack of ribs on the main cooking grate as far away from the heat source as possible. Set the lid on the grill with the fully opened top vent positioned directly above the ribs in order to force the smoke over and around the meat. Allow the ribs to smoke until the meat is tender and has reached an internal temperature of 203°F, approximately 6 hours.

  6. Remove the ribs from the grill, slice between the bones, and serve immediately. 

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